VR Hybrid War 2117

VR Hybrid War 2117 is an intense, action packed space shooting game.

It has laser pistols, metallic enemy spiders, explosions, probes flying around trying to seek and destroy you. The mission is to destroy the enemy probe factory, liquid oxygen tank and a radar.

For more information please contact: timo.polvinen@appila.fi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/androidtimo

Minimum hardware requirements:

Comments from beta-testers:
“Kinda those B-class scifi movies, but in VR, you are the main character”
“Sound effects! GREAT”
“I was expecting to see more missions”
“After playing fifteen minutes, I started to feel a bit dizzy, especially when climbing at the mountains”
“Got scared at least once, maybe twice. Liked the spiders!”

Production version released at https://www.viveport.com/apps/d8804eeb-9cca-43d2-9fc7-464b0e2e3115  as a monthly subscription game.

At Steam, you can get the game at http://store.steampowered.com/app/741360/VR_Hybrid_War_2117

Beta gameplay (2017/09)